Ferrand Cognac – The Rarest Cognacs Range

The Providore is pleased to present an exclusive first-hand preview of the rarest cognac range in the world – a must-have for serious collectors – available exclusively at our Mandarin Gallery Wine & Cheese room.

Heritage 1
Ferrand Cognac Heritage Volume I

With only 240 bottles released worldwide, this is a piece of liquid history. Heritage Volume I is the first installment in a collectible series that pays homage to the patriarch Elie Ferrand the first, born in 1630, the first vine grower in the distinguished lineage of the Ferrand family at their ancestral home in Cognac for 10 generations.

The very old cognacs that make up this unique Heritage Volume I limited release have been carefully selected from Maison Ferrand’s special reserves, heirlooms of a legacy of excellence that continues till today.

Tasting Notes: Mahogany. Rich and full, it follows the nose with an oaky and balsamic profile, with hints of apricot, fig, marmalade, curry, eucalyptus and sandlewood.

20181108-1914 Distilled-2
Distilled Before 1914

In a limited edition of just 210 bottles worldwide (and less than 20 bottles in Singapore), this extremely rare cognac was distilled just before 1914 during the Belle Epoque, a period of optimism, peace, and prosperity. The period, also known as the Golden Age of Europe, was just before the First World War.

This more than a century-old cognac thus celebrates and captures a bygone era, a fleeting moment of beauty and brilliance from the Golden Age.

Tasting Notes: Amber hue with copper appearance. Subtle and round, a blend of candied citrus fruits and floral scents

20181108-1914 The Last Cask-2

Original 1914 The Last Cask

The last barrel of this precious nectar was distilled over a century ago, with only 202 bottles produced.

The finest vintage of the 20th century, it was named the “Millésime des Femmes”, or The Women’s Vintage. As World War I raged on, and men were called to arms, it was the women who distilled the harvest of 1914.

This cognac was first aged in Limousine oak barrels and then rested in glass demijohns.

Tasting notes: Mahogany in colour with a vibrant and bright copper tone. Rich and complex aromas of candied plum, and fragrant wood; exceptionally delicate with a lingering fresh finish.

These rare cognacs are now available exclusively at The Providore Mandarin Gallery. Enquire at hello@theprovidore.com for more information!


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