The Providore Mother’s Day Gift Guide #2

Still searching for that perfect gift for that special lady in your life? Here’s our gourmet guide that will win the heart of any foodie mum!

Olive oils are often thought of as one of the healthiest oils that can be used for cooking, and way before the super food trend of using coconut oil and avocado oil came into the picture, olive oil was the original player in the market.

However, what many may not know is that not all olive oils are created equal. MOst commercial olive oils found in supermarkets are either blends, or oils of a lower quality.

The mark of a good olive oil is found in its name. Truly high-quality oils are given the term Extra Virgin (or E.V.O.O), and to qualitfy as an EVOO, the oil should have an acidity below 1% of oleic acid, and should be from a single variety of olives.

One of the EVOOs we love are Ladolea’s Patrina Varety (Delicate), which has a light and fruity taste, banana and herbal notes, and a well-balanced aroma. Coming in a beautiful hand made white ceramic pot that is inspired by the rich history of the Corinthian region in Greece, the oil makes both a gorgeous and meaningful gifts for all mothers.


Suitable for most dishes, it lends itself especially well when paired with mild foods such as fish, seafood and salads. It also comes with a refill tin (500ml), so that the lovely pot can be reused. Alternatively, you can also help mummy dearest re-purpose the pot into a lovely flower vase!


Ladolea’s EVOO is available at all our outlets for retail (except Raffles Place cafe) for $60 per 600ml pot. 

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