Easter Specials at The Providore

One of the main events in the month of April is Good Friday and Easter Sunday, and to commemorate the occasion, we have created a special brunch menu that will only be available over two weekends: 8-9 April, and 14-16 April.

Featuring two entrées and two mains, our brunch menu has been inspired by the Spring season, as well as the idea of new beginnings and fresh delights.

Avo toast

The first of the two entrees is a classic avocado toast ($18.50), served with a perfectly poached egg, sheep’s feta and sun-dried tomatoes on grilled wholemeal, and garnished with pansies (edible spring flowers).

Prosciutto and rocket salad

Secondly, we have a prosciutto & rocket salad served on a puff pastry with Stilton blue cheese and roasted figs ($20.50), a delicious concoction that is a medley of sweet and salty tastes, with a pungent kick from the cheese.

Rigatoni 3

For the mains, we have a rigatoni pasta ($25.5) with pulled chicken, tomatoes, basil, rocket and Romesco sauce. Light and refreshing, the pasta is perfect for a meal that is not too cloying (leaving you space for a sweet treat after).

Lamb ragout 2


The second main is a lamb ragout ($26.50) with tomato kasundi sauce, served with roasted sweet potato wedges, poached egg, and grilled pita bread.  Typically eaten during springtime with roasted vegetables, our version has a slightly sweet twist with the sweet potatoes. One way to enjoy the dish is to break the egg and mix it with the ragout and dipping the pita into the mixture – delish.

Rounding up the brunch menu is a refreshing Sunshine smoothie ($10.50), made using fresh orange and pineapple juice, yoghurt, and mango cocofrio ice-cream.

Mango Pineapple Coco smoothie 7

Our Easter brunch menu will be available at all our cafes for a limited time, so try them and let us know which are your favourite items!

Also, for the month of April, some of our dessert items have undergone an adorable Easter makeover. Check out our cafes and pick a sweet treat or two this festive season!

Easter cake decor



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