Product Highlight – The Providore Main Blend

The great tasting brew that we serve up in our cafes is our Main Blend; a medium to dark roast that is roasted exclusively in Melbourne by Brother Basil. The beans are only roasted to order, meaning that we have complete control over the freshness of the beans. Unlike wine, coffee tastes better when it is fresher, and it’s a common misconception that aged coffee tastes better.


Controlling the roast of the beans makes it easier for us to achieve consistency; meaning that each cup of coffee we serve tastes as good from cup to cup, day after day. In order to get a consistent brew, our baristas calibrate the grind and brew ratio each day to ensure our customers get a delicious cuppa’ joe each time.

The Providore Main Blend makes a robust cuppa, with floral and sweet fruity notes, and a chocolatey aftertaste, and is suitable for brewing in various methods: pour-over, french press, cold brew…etc.

Try our coffee today at our cafes, or purchase a packet of beans/Nespresso compatible pods and bring home The Providore Coffee experience.

Making coffee collage

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